Allison joined foodwerx during the Summer of 2020, having been educated in London and then gaining sophisticated catering experience in Miami. A true “foodie” – she loves cooking and immersing herself in the international culinary world. Allison has wide-ranging food knowledge and perspective and truly appreciates all that foreign culture and flavors have to offer.

But it goes way beyond the food – Allison also understands the importance of the success of each client’s event, whether big or small, as well as the impact a caterer’s service and food can have on a client’s reputation. Knowing this, she makes sure that everything is impeccable. From the first client conversation through the event itself, Allison takes a hands-on approach to assure that the product, presentation, and service meet the standards foodwerx has earned over the years.

Allison is accustomed to clients with high expectations (and believes they should have nothing less) and understands the importance of the event to each of her clients. This recognition compels her to never be satisfied unless those expectations are not simply met but exceeded.