Creative. Delectable. Gorgeous. Memorable. These are just a few of the words that are used to describe Mark’s culinary artistry. Mark has spent the last fifteen years perfecting his trade, making an enormous contribution to the stellar offerings foodwerx provides for its clients.

Mark not only knows the essence of food, but is inspired to create culinary wonders. Working with a little of this, a little of that – he creates mouth-watering dishes that serve to amaze both foodwerx’ clients and their guests! Ingredients to Mark are not just what go into a food dish; they are the components out of which his art is created.

But the food itself is only a part of Mark’s magic – his deep-held belief that you taste food as much with your eyes as with your mouth supports Mark’s strong emphasis on presentation; he creates his dishes with an eye toward not only exceptional taste but magnificent visuals. His food is both a sight to behold as well as a taste to savor.

foodwerx is privileged to have Mark as a core member of our exceptional team.  Further, he encourages his staff in ways that enable each of them to become the very best in what they do. Mark is everything one hopes for in an executive chef and a manager!