“Visionary” – one having unusual foresight and imagination…

In the world of sophisticated catering, Nick Wall, founder of foodwerx and the central creative presence in his company, exemplifies that term. foodwerx is the embodiment of Nick’s vision for modern and sophisticated catering, bringing to life his innovative ideas, passion for food, flawless presentation, and hands-on approach, all culminating in an exemplary customer experience. From corporate events, weddings, celebrations, private parties, and more…Nick believes that no matter what the occasion, every client deserves a perfect result – and he runs foodwerx accordingly.

Nick is renowned for creating breathtaking dishes with an incredible depth of flavor, blending wide-ranging cooking styles with only the finest ingredients, resulting in offerings that are simply not found anywhere else. To assure the quality of excellence his clients have come to expect, Nick connects with all potential clients and then creates their custom menus based on their specific needs, and desires. This extra touch results in award-winning food that exemplifies his clients’ good taste and sophistication.

That said, Nick will be the first to tell you that catering is not simply about the food, but also the overall management and, ultimately, the entire impression of the event. To Nick, excellence is not simply a laudable standard – it is a requirement. Everything matters – from the initial conversation with the client to the last cup of coffee. To maintain his admittedly lofty standards. Nick takes everything personally for each event, regardless of size or formality – menu, dishes, food, presentation, service, planning – and accepts nothing less than perfection from himself and his staff. From Nick’s perspective, impeccable customer service is mandatory.

foodwerx is Nick’s baby – period. He follows up with his clients after each event to assure that everything was impeccable. His growth over the last 22 years has been a direct result of his exacting standards – he knows that businesses grow, or fail, by reputation, which is everything to him. Nick’s greatest point of pride after all these years is that his business has grown exponentially, largely by word of mouth, from his clients to those they care about. Referrals speak volumes.

Nick’s credo is simple – offer excellence in every aspect of your business to your valued clients, and an amazing business, with extremely satisfied clients, will result.